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“Roxane (Rosana):
“My name is Roxane. I’m originally
from El Salvador. I have been in the medical field for 23 years. I’m glad to be able to help patients with their care, to make them feel better. When patients come to thank you with a smile, that
is priceless”
Marie: “I’m Marie. I work in the front office. I’m fluent in English, Tagalog, and Ilocano. I’ve been working with
Dr. B. for 2 years now, and I love it. We’re family.”
Marcela: “My name is Marcela, and I have been
in the medical field for over 20 years. I love taking care of people, but there is a special place in
my heart for seniors, because I am reminded of
my grandparents whom I love so much. I look forward to coming to work in the morning, to
help you too.”
Layla, Office Manager
                                  I am Layla Sabet, office manager for Dr. Bardenheier's                             practice, and have been for over 18 years. From my first day  working with Dr. Bardenheier I couldn't help   but notice just how much time, effort, and personal attention he gave each patient. People who come to Dr. Bardenheier's office aren't just patients he treated, they were an extended family he truly cared about and wanted to put his all into helping them get better and be healthier. As time went on in my first week and I saw patients going home feeling happier and closer to their road of recovery, it was obvious to me that this office was 100% aimed at the well-being of people; and for that, I knew I had chosen a great place  to work, and with a knowledgeable, caring Doctor. As the years have passed, I look around me and I know that our office truly is like a big family, that takes pride, and is alwaysworking together for the good, health, and happiness of our patients.
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